About Me

Hey there!
I am Brittany Jones or otherwise known as Queen B.
I am the owner and creator at Queen B Graphics & Design.
My husband, Tyler, and 3 boys sure do keep me on my toes! However, I am always thankful to have my little family. 
I've been in the handmade small business world for over 8 years and I am so honored to have built a community amongst other amazing small business owners and leaders. 
Queen B Graphics & Design all started when I began sharing my own personal tee party graphics to other t-shirt makers wanting to host virtual t-shirt parties within a private Facebook group. I was recovering from a hysterectomy so my business was closed and I had a lot of down time. I was constantly in the small business help groups looking for ways to better my business and I was honored to be able to help others in my industry as I could.
Word about my graphics began to spread and I decided to turn my love of:
-being creative
-helping other small businesses
Since early 2021, I have grown and developed my business to support handmade sellers and small business owners.
I am determined to help others sweeten their socials while turning down the hustle with my collaborator Amy Wheat of Sunkissed VA!!