What is a Tee Party?

I'm so glad you asked! Let me break it down for you:

This is information that I’ve used and learned. There is no “right” way to do a tee party/virtual party and you do have to find what works best for you and your customers!

It's an art, not a science.

This model works for many forms of parties such as tumblers, pens, bows, candles, signs and more!

First thing is you need to come up with some rewards for host as a thank you for hosting. There are TONS of different options. My personal favorite is 10-15% store credit for the host and buy 4 tees get 1 half off or free for the guests.

Then you will need to find a host to do your first party. It’s easiest to ask a friend or family member to host. Typically, you will find your next host from your current party! If you purchase my graphics I have a hostess tips graphic you send them to let them know what is expected of them, and a graphic that is an invite for the party.

The host needs to be engaged within the group, they must comment on posts, tag friends in shirts they think they might like etc. The best way to have a good party is to have a good host!

Next, you make a group or event for the party. Me personally, I personally prefer it and suggest doing it as a group.

It is best for them to send invites personally through messenger and by posting to their wall and tagging friends. You can use the invite feature via the group but it only lets you send 25 for every 1 hour or so and some people don’t like to be invited that way. So the other way is better due to you knowing that the people that are there, want to be there! I also have a graphic for that.

I don’t suggest lowering your prices for a party by no more than $1-$2. You’ll want the people from the party to become return customers and if your price is low during the party, they will always expect it to be low.

You can post designs all at once and “feature” certain designs every day. Or you can do “drops” where you post different shirts every day. I find it’s better to do it in drops with 4 designs at a time.

I suggest doing 60 designs/products total personally. But switch it up if that doesn’t work for you!

If you buy before you run a party, this doesn’t apply to you. But I also suggest ordering at max from 3 vendors for screenprints, and that’s only if it is a very active party. The shipping costs of multiple vendors will eat you up if you do too much! Be sure to research your vendors to know their TAT to project that correctly to your clients.

You’ll want to post frequently in the party, at least 3-5 times a day. I like to start out with a game on the first day to start interest.

When doing games, be sure to list the giveaways as with purchase. You don’t want to be mailing out all of the freebies if they didn’t purchase anything. I've been there, done that so let me save you that struggle.

I also always offer mystery bags, they are usually a hit!

To close the party give them a deadline to pay invoices and be sure to thank them for being apart of the party.

Now where my graphics come in to play is...

you have everything you’d need to run your party. All you have to come up with is hostess rewards for hosting and pricing! The rest is done for you. It has all of the basic graphics, engagements, games and more.

I also highly suggest joining this group as my collaborator Amy Wheat has several videos explaining parties in more depth as well as so much more!! She also makes party planners that tell you exactly what to post, the verbiage to use and when! Not to mention she has them all loaded into Cinchshare as well so they are ready to go.

I think I touched on the gist of it, if you have more questions just hit that chat button! 

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