Creating Your Own Content Strategy

Let’s talk CONTENT! My advice for managing your socials is implementing a 50-30-20 strategy. I’ll break down what that means below.
50% engaging content
The purpose of social media is to connect with others. This goes for all platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat etc. If you want to connect to others, you must post quality content that speaks to your followers and others that you’re looking to engage with.
Algorithms are based on engagement and interaction, therefore content that receives the most engagement is content that social media deems the most entertaining and relevant.
People love to be entertained and by using engaging content it will bring the YOU into your business. We need to connect on a deeper level to our customers to build up those relationships. We must always remember that our customers are not just numbers, they are people just like us!
That’s why I suggest that half of the content that you’re posting on all your socials be engaging. It should be relatable to your business or to you personally.
Ideas for engaging content in addition to my graphics:
· Reels/Tiktoks/Videos
· Memes/Gifs
· Pictures of you, your family, your pets etc
· Behind the scenes
· Something relevant going on in the world
30% educational content
Educate your audience and help them solve their problems. In order to sell any product or service, you must be solving a pain point for your customer. Show them what you’re worth and why they would be smart to follow your content and/or buy your products.
This can look different depending on your business model. For tshirt makers, this would be including how you use high quality tees. For candle makers, how you use all organic ingredients. You get where I’m going with this?
Take notice of the questions your followers asks or the problems they have and find solutions to share with them. So with that, this can also include FAQ information.
You could also include some information like why you started your business, some of your biggest hurdles, lessons you’ve learned, testimonials/reviews etc.
Remember, you want to be relatable without making it too much about you.
20% promotional content
Of course, your business is a business, therefore you need sales! 20% of the content your post should promote your brand.
This number seems low to businesses sometimes, but you must remember that social media is a two-way street with the intention of connecting people with people. Respect your followers wishes for more engaging and informative content first and promote what you have to offer after.
While the 50-30-20 rule is a great way to outline your social media strategy, feel comfortable spending time testing different ways to engage with your following as well as solving their problems.
Spend time testing different ways to engage with your audience and solve their problems. Be sure to use the analytics and insights different platforms offer to help you navigate what works best for you. There is usually so much information in those such as what days & times post perform the best, how people are interacting with your content (Like, share, unfollow) and even demographics. Take note of the posts that perform the best and find ways to repurpose that content into another post.
There are people out there who claim to know the algorithm, but it is not that simple as it varies from person to person based off, you guessed it, THEIR INTERACTIONS. Please do not buy into someone telling you they have “cracked the algorithm” because it simply does not work that way.
There are 2 things that help every time though, a good hook and a call to action.
A good hook can look like “You need X in your closet” “3 reasons why you need my x”
A call to action can look like “What did you think think about x?” “Which xx do you need the most?” etc. Sometimes your audience needs to be told what to do!
End Thoughts
You must build consistency! Show up every day for your business and watch your followers celebrate you. We must always post with intention and purpose. Your content should be and should look intentional and planned, please don’t post for the sake of posting.
Overwhelmed with the thought of staying consistent on your social media? Use a scheduling tool! Facebook does have its own but there are many others out there like Cinchshare, Hootsuite, Canva, Planoly etc.
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